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How To Create Your Landing Page In WordPress For Free

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A landing page is a useful tool to generate better conversions and capture leads more effectively if you need a proven way to enrich your marketing campaign. With this purpose-driven web page, when created and applied smartly, the chances for your business to succeed are much higher.

As your landing page design aims to achieve a specific marketing purpose, you’ll need to pick the right tool to create landing pages in WordPress. One great approach is to find a complete solution that follows tried-and-true building tactics and optimization techniques.

To get the best out of your landing page, let’s look at the main aspects of the high-converting WordPress landing page. We also will cover how to save time on your landing page development and create it fast in a code-free way using a drag-and-drop free website builder.

What Makes A Good Landing Page in WordPress?

With thousands of plugins available for WordPress, it can be tricky to find the right one to quickly create your landing pages without too much of a hassle. Using the Visual Composer Website Builder built-in templates, you don’t need to start from scratch or learn to code. With a landing page template accompanied by your personalized touch, you’ll get a full-page powerful marketing tool.

This free visual drag-and-drop editor makes building your WordPress landing pages easy just by moving elements across the page. What’s more important, after launching, you can reach a wider audience: each page you create with Visual Composer is mobile-friendly. With 80% of users who used mobiles to access the internet during last year, having a responsive landing page is extremely important.

With the knowledge of the best landing pages practices, you can create a valuable marketing channel that convinces your visitors to act, builds customer loyalty, and increases profits.

So, what aspects will you need to pay attention to while creating a landing page? Here are the core fundamentals of the high-converting landing page.

Think of all the characteristics your Landing Page must have

Landing Page Goal

While homepages consist of general information and represent a getaway to more specific parts of the website, landing pages focus entirely on the offer. A good landing page has one particular goal—it is a targeted website page created to achieve a single objective, like selling the product or growing subscribers list.

How to set the goal? Think about the primary action you want your potential customers to take and align it with your target audience’s interests and values. By doing this, you’ll be able to convey tailored content to your visitors and reach better results.

Determine your business goal before you start and focus on that one CTA (call-to-action) while creating your landing page design, writing the copy, and promoting the page.

Landing Page Design

Because the landing page is often campaign-specific, its design and structure should represent your main marketing goal.

A straightforward layout without a navigation menu, headers, and footers is a proven structure that works great for conversions. This type of design helps avoid any distractions and focuses visitors’ attention on the initial goal of your landing page. Plus, by sticking to a page format that visitors are used to seeing, you’re way more likely to benefit.

However, to stand out, combine your template with grabbing headlines, an appealing call to action, lead forms, and relevant media. All of these elements can contribute to achieving a highly-converting landing page.

In Visual Composer, you have access to over 900 Google Fonts, high-quality images from the Unsplash media library, build contact forms, and design popups. In other words, you get everything to enrich your template and create a high-converting landing page.

Follow these steps to create the best wordpress landing page

Landing Page Copy

However, great appearance is not enough to win with your landing page. Once you catch your visitor by eliminating navigation and including an appealing (and persuasive) call to action, writing compelling and relevant copy is what comes next.

Writing on-brand and thoughtful copy that accelerates your buyer’s journey requires in-depth knowledge of your audience. So, instead of focusing on your company and the features you provide, pick a benefit-driven approach—highlight the pain point your offer solves.

One best practice to persuade your audience is to include testimonials as proof of your product’s worth. By adding testimonials blocks with a background image or displaying your customer’s satisfaction via Visual Composer star ranking element, you can validate your product and impact the visitor’s decision-making.

What else can build trust? Visuals like a high-quality background image or eye-catching pictures that showcase your product represent a great way to reinforce your message. Using Visual Composer in-built free Unsplash media, you can find the perfect image for your landing page without leaving your WordPress site.

Other Landing Page Techniques

Nevertheless, even if you apply a persuasive copy and a well-crafted design to your landing page, you might still see a high bounce rate and low conversions. In that case, you might need to make some tweaks to optimize the performance of your page.

First, check your page load time—high rates of this metric can affect your conversions and page views. The Visual Composer is designed for high performance and has been tested on all of the major WordPress hostings.

Landing page lead forms, pop ups, and social icons can also help you to optimize your landing page conversions. Create a clear visitor path by using smart directional cues, and you’ll tailor your landing page experience. Simple contacting methods higher chances that your visitors will take further actions.

But first, they need to find your page.

With that in mind, your landing pages should be optimized for search and follow the latest SEO practices. For example, including your target keywords into the page will drive traffic and boost visits. One of the best search engine optimization tools for WordPress is Yoast SEO, which is fully compatible with Visual Composer plugin.

Check these tips for Landing Page optimization
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Key Takeaways

Building a landing page in WordPress isn’t difficult and time-consuming—with the right tool at hand that saves you hours like Visual Composer Website Builder. This WordPress plugin comes with a set of ready-to-use mobile-friendly landing page templates for the various business niche.

The most significant advantage of using a website builder is time efficiency: the drag and drop editor can help you to build your landing page fast and easy. Secondly, you’re not dependent on a theme, because every part of the landing page you create is customizable. Finally, you can publish as many landing pages under your domain as you want to and even create other essential pages like a Contact or About page.


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